What May I Help You With?

*Post Office                *Pharmacy            *Banking Needs
(Packing & Shipping)             (Pick-Up/Drop-Off)                    *DMV
*Dry Cleaning          *Gift Purchases            *Redbox
*School Runs                or Returns                       Movies
     *Library                      *Costco            *Teacher Supplies
*Miscellaneous            *Auto Care/            *Light Grocery
     Errands                 Vehicle Services                Shopping
*Party Supplies            *Holiday             *Bridal Errands
...just to name a few!!!

Home Services     
                   Waiting For The:           Organizing:
                   *Plumber                         *Bills
                   *Cable/Phone               *Paperwork
                *Electric/Gas                   *Closets
                   *Appliance                     *Rooms
                         Delivery                     *Office

Business Needs
                                     *Virtual Assistance
*Meeting Needs
*Coffee or Refreshment Needs
*Business Start-Up
 *City Hall
 *Applying for Licenses
  *Business Cards, Flyers, Stationary, Etc.

65+ Friends
*Basic Household   Needs
*Mail Sorting
*Bill Paying Assistance
*Shopping &  Restocking
*Gift Shopping & Wrapping
*Hair       *Nail       *Spa
*Doctor     *Therapy 
*Services Needed
*Travel Plans

*Packing or Unpacking
*Change of Address Cards
*New Area Information
  *Internet Research
*Donation Drop Off

*Thank You's
*Moving or New Address
*Birth Announcements
*Holiday Cards
*Flower Orders for any Occasion

Pricing Is As Follows:
   $20/Hour During Normal Business Hours
                                 which are:
       Monday - Friday  8:00am to 6:00pm!

*Services are billed in 15 minute increments

Accepted Methods of Payment:
*Cash, Check**, or Credit Card
**There will be a $35 Return Check Fee on all
    returned checks!